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Title: Things to Do While You're Waiting: Curious Young Scientists
Languages: English
Spanish Version: Actividades divertidas para las esperas. Los jóvenes científicos
Polish Version: Czym się zająć podczas czekania: Zaciekawieni młodzi naukowcy
Chinese Version: 好奇的年轻科学家
Korean Version: 어린 과학자들의 궁금증 유발
Arabic Version: أشياء للقيام بها أثناء انتظارك: العلماء الصغار المحبون للاستطلاع
French Version: Jeunes scientifiques curieux
Source of Publisher: Illinois Early Learning Project
Length of article: Short
Setting for which the article is intended: Home
Intended Audience: Parents/Family
Keywords: Cognitive Development
Family Activities
Age Levels:
(the age of the children to whom the article applies).
Infants and Toddlers (Birth To Age 3)
Preschoolers (Age 3 Through Age 5)
Learning Areas: SCIENCE
Goals: 11. Demonstrate curiosity about the world and begin to use the practices of science and engineering to answer questions and solve problems.
12. Explore concepts and information about the physical, earth, and life sciences.
Learning Standards: 11.A. Develop beginning skills in the use of science and engineering practices, such as observing, asking questions, solving problems, and drawing conclusions.
12.A. Understand that living things grow and change.
Benchmarks: 11.A.ECc. Plan and carry out simple investigations.
11.A.ECd. Collect, describe, compare, and record information from observations and investigations.
12.A.ECa. Observe, investigate, describe, and categorize living things.
Domains: Developmental Domain 4: Cognitive Development
Approaches to Learning
Subdomain: Curiosity & Initiative
Logic & Reasoning
Science Concepts & Exploration