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IEL Tip Sheet

Title: Talk Together
Languages: English
Spanish Version: Hablemos juntos
Polish Version: Rozmawiajcie
Chinese Version: 一起交谈
Korean Version: 함께 말하기
Arabic Version: تحدثوا معاً
French Version: Parler ensemble
Source of Publisher: Illinois Early Learning Project
Length of article: Short
Setting for which the article is intended: Home
Family Child Care
Intended Audience: Parents/Family
Keywords: Kindergarten
Language Development
Age Levels:
(the age of the children to whom the article applies).
Preschoolers (Age 3 Through Age 5)
Learning Areas: LANGUAGE ARTS
Goals: 1. Demonstrate increasing competence in oral communication (listening and speaking).
Learning Standards: 1.A. Demonstrate understanding through age-appropriate responses.
1.B. Communicate effectively using language appropriate to the situation and audience.
1.E. Use increasingly complex phrases, sentences, and vocabulary.