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Title: Fun at Home with Preschoolers: Getting Ready to Read!
Languages: English
Spanish Version: Diversión en casa con los niños preescolares.¡Preparándose para leer!
Polish Version: Zabawy Domowe z Przedszkolakami: Przygotowanie do Nauki Czytania!
Chinese Version: 与学龄前孩子在家中寻找乐趣:为阅读做好准备!
Korean Version: 자녀와 함께 가정에서 즐기기: 읽을 준비하기!
Source of Publisher: Illinois Early Learning Project
Length of article: Short
Setting for which the article is intended: Home
Intended Audience: Parents/Family
Keywords: Early Literacy
Family Activities
Language Arts
Reading Skills
Reading to Children
Age Levels:
(the age of the children to whom the article applies).
Preschoolers (Age 3 Through Age 5)
Learning Areas: LANGUAGE ARTS
Goals: 1. Demonstrate increasing competence in oral communication (listening and speaking).
2. Demonstrate understanding and enjoyment of literature.
4. Demonstrate increasing awareness of and competence in emergent reading skills and abilities.
5. Demonstrate increasing awareness of and competence in emergent writing skills and abilities.
Learning Standards: 1.B. Communicate effectively using language appropriate to the situation and audience.
2.B. Recognize key ideas and details in stories.
2.C. Recognize concepts of books.
4.D. Demonstrate emergent phonics and word-analysis skills.
5.A. Demonstrate growing interest and abilities in writing.
Benchmarks: 1.B.ECa. Use language for a variety of purposes.
1.B.ECb. With teacher assistance, participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners (e.g., peers and adults in both small and large groups) about age-appropriate topics and texts.
1.B.ECc. Continue a conversation through two or more exchanges.
2.B.ECa. With teacher assistance, ask and answer questions about books read aloud.
2.C.ECa. Interact with a variety of types of texts (e.g., storybooks, poems, rhymes, songs).
4.D.ECa. Recognize own name and common signs and labels in the environment.
5.A.ECb. Use scribbles, letterlike forms, or letters/words to represent written language.
Domains: Developmental Domain 3: Language Development, Communication, & Literacy
Approaches to Learning
Subdomain: Curiosity & Initiative
Early Literacy