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Title: Out and About with Preschoolers: The Places You'll Go!
Languages: English
Spanish Version: Al aire libre con niños preescolares. ¡Cuán lejos llegarás!
Polish Version: Aktywne spędzanie czasu z przedszkolakami: Miejsca, które można zobaczyć!
Source of Publisher: Illinois Early Learning Project
Length of article: Short
Setting for which the article is intended: Home
Family Child Care
Child Care Center
Preschool Program
Intended Audience: Parents/Family
Keywords: Geography
Outdoor Activities
Self Care/Life Skills
Social Science
Age Levels:
(the age of the children to whom the article applies).
Preschoolers (Age 3 Through Age 5)
Learning Areas: MATHEMATICS
Goals: 10. Begin to make predictions and collect data information.
14. Understand some concepts related to citizenship.
17. Explore geography, the child’s environment, and where people live, work, and play.
Learning Standards: 10.A. Generate questions and processes for answering them.
14.A. Understand what it means to be a member of a group and community.
17.A. Explore environments and where people live.
Benchmarks: 10.A.ECa. With teacher assistance, come up with meaningful questions that can be answered through gathering information.
10.A.ECb. Gather data about themselves and their surroundings to answer meaningful questions.
14.A.ECb. Contribute to the well-being of one’s early childhood environment, school, and community.
17.A.ECa. Locate objects and places in familiar environments.
17.A.ECb. Express beginning geographic thinking.