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IEL Tip Sheet

Title: Manners and Preschoolers
Languages: English
Spanish Version: Los buenos modales y los niños preescolares
Polish Version: Przedszkolaki i zasady dobrego wychowania
Source of Publisher: Illinois Early Learning Project
Length of article: Short
Setting for which the article is intended: Home
Family Child Care
Child Care Center
Preschool Program
Intended Audience: Parents/Family
Keywords: Adult Child Relationship
Family Life
Peer Relationships
Social Development
Age Levels:
(the age of the children to whom the article applies).
Preschoolers (Age 3 Through Age 5)
Goals: 30. Develop self-management skills to achieve school and life success and develop positive relationships with others.
31. Use social-awareness and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain positive relationships.
Learning Standards: 30.A. Identify and manage one’s emotions and behavior.
31.A. Develop positive relationships with peers and adults.
31.B. Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others.
Benchmarks: 30.A.ECb. Use appropriate communication skills when expressing needs, wants, and feelings.
31.A.ECa. Show empathy, sympathy, and caring for others.
31.A.ECb. Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others.
31.A.ECc. Interact easily with familiar adults.
31.A.ECe. Develop positive relationships with peers.
31.B.ECc. Use socially appropriate behavior with peers and adults, such as helping, sharing, and taking turns.